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We Provide a complete suite of digital Services

Software Development Services for your Innovative Ideas


Businesses lean on us to create cloud-based, integrated, robust and scalable enterprise applications.


Our psychology-infused research methods inform digital innovation and deliver captivating design.


We live and breathe mobile & web. We design and develop enterprise-grade applications based on the latest technology


Our quality assurance strategies include manual and automated testing for market readiness.


We automate the processes between development and IT, in order to build, test and release software faster and more reliably.


Our team defines and refines requirements, prioritizes and manages road maps.


Top tier teams with expertise in the latest technologies


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, and NLP

Web Development

We develop and deliver truly remarkable, custom-built, and fully responsive websites. Using our turn-key technology and cutting-edge code we create exceptional usability that ensures conversion so you can beat your competitors before they even begin. You need designs that your customers will fall in love with and a compelling digital visual presence that will cause your competition to be afraid of you.
By using the latest technologies, our web developers dedicate themselves to the highest quality engineering using PHP/Laravel, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJ, and multiple other JS frameworks to create an interactive user experience for your customers.

We keep your user’s experience consistent across all devices through responsive design. We use flexible frameworks built that help us rapidly develop your web. Should your application require a database, we’ll provide that too.


We use storyboarding, user-centered wireframes, and flow diagrams to catch a glimpse of how your users will interact with your application. We optimize user flows to enhance speed and ease-of-use which ultimately results in user retention and increased engagement to bring our designs to life through clickable prototypes with attractive visual functionalities that create a perfect blend of user experience and user interface design.

We create digital visual experiences that cultivate customer loyalty and build your brand’s value so we simplify your user’s experience while enhancing the interaction between your target customers and your digital product. Our designers are committed to creating a wonderful user journey that helps your customer connect with your business. We ace challenges and build optimal intersections between business goals and user needs with our UI/ UX design services.

Mobile App Development

The passionate developers at vDevs are driven to make your new venture a skyrocketing success with powerful REACT NATIVE, NAtive, Cordova, and cross-platform applications for iOS and Android. vDevs teams work closely with you to create a dominating presence on the App Store and Google Play with functionality on both mobile and tablet.
An attractive yet functional experience on a mobile device is integral to your user’s experience and your product’s success quite frankly, depends on it. Backed by a web-based API and cloud-based storage, the apps that we develop can support multiple types of devices with complete satisfaction and total accountability! At vDevs we do not limit ourselves, from ERP-integrated mobile experiences to location-based apps and eCommerce apps, we do it all!

Quality Assurance

Bugs are our only enemy. vDevs ensures that the products that we develop are free of bugs with manual & automatic testing techniques. We take quality assurance as seriously as we take bugs so we raise the quality of your software with multiple tests, reducing the development time spent on fixing bugs, ensuring user satisfaction and security.
vDevs has a talented and dedicated QA team that provides scripted and manual software testing services to ensure end-to-end quality in your application. The experts at vDevs have fully standardized the testing environment, by automating the process of test implementation. Our effective parallel testing strategy helps us run tests under different conditions to deliver more reliable results to ensure that the deliverables meet the most stringent quality standards.

Product Development & Design

Our product design team focuses on building visually appealing experiences that create a joyous user journey for your customers. If you have an idea that needs developing, a wireframe that needs creation. Our teams are ready and excited to engage with you and build your web platforms and mobile apps, no matter the industry or platform.
We start your project with an in-depth market analysis to gather valuable information about your target market and identify the emerging social and cultural trends which could affect your consumer’s behaviour. vDevs teams work with you to set your product’s innovation goals. We confidently refine product features, set cost targets, identify the most promising creative and technical directions, and then establish a solid plan to get you exactly what you want!

DevOps & Cloud

Are you struggling to release updates on time? Is continuous integration and delivery a hurdle for you? Does the factor of the unknown keep you up at night? Well, worry no more. vDevs certified engineers guarantee optimized server operations, create CI/CD pipelines, manage cloud environments, and run scalable and secure production environments – so you can focus on what matters and let us do what we do best!

vDevs offers DevOps Services which include continuous integration and continuous delivery of software, DevOps automation, release management, end to end testing, maintenance, support, and monitoring with back-up. vDevs DevOps team has a vast experience in managing various virtualization and containerization platforms including multiple private cloud maintenance platforms. We also provide Amazon Web Services

Dedicated Development Team

The teams at vDevs have a collective experience of 40 years. We are a highly-skilled, experienced, and dedicated development team ready to take on your project. The team that you hire works for you, and exclusively for you. At vDevs, we help you boost software development capacities while minimizing risks and reducing expenses with our self-managed, easy-to-control, and proficient development teams.
Our dedicated development teams adapt flexibly to your existing communication model to collaborate with you or your team without any extra efforts. We assign you a dedicated project manager who controls the day-to-day timeline, process, workflow, and reports to you as often as needed to ensure transparency and alignment with your goals. Our mission is to give you more time to focus on the core of your project.